Survival Of The Fittest

High school is like a season of Survivor. I might be exaggerating somewhat and being slightly dramatic, but hey lets be real, high school is a tough place. The four years you spend in high school are the four years you spend discovering yourself, who you are, and who you’re working towards being.

Everyone takes their turn at the bottom of the food chain. Yes, the lovely freshmen status. Freshman year is all about first experiences. Obviously, your first day as a high school student, your first date, first real relationship, first formal dance, first time playing on the field Friday night at a football game as a varsity player, first kiss maybe. There are so many “firsts” for everyone. Maybe one of those fit how your freshman year was, or maybe not. But there are so many new things to experience as a freshman. Unfortunately, not all experiences are good. Sometimes we make stupid choices that lead us down the wrong path. Sometimes we choose the wrong friend group and end up doing things we shouldn’t. For me, it was the opposite actually. I distanced myself from some of the friends I had in middle school. My freshman year was more about a FRESH start for me. See what I did there? It wasn’t always easy, I went through a lot of torment because I was becoming a completely different person (for the better) than what everyone had become used to seeing.

Then next comes sophomore year. Finally, you can say that you ARE NOT a freshman anymore. Usually sophomore year is the year to hustle the freshman because it feels so darn good not to be one anymore! Just kidding, do not bully the freshmen in your school! Sophomore year is the year you stress about taking and also passing your OGT’s, or whatever graduation requiring test your school has. They prepare you all year for the material that you’ll see on your tests. They are not as bad as everyone thinks they are, imagine that. You’d really have to try hard in order to fail. You would purposely have to try to fail in order to actually fail.

Then comes junior year, the year you finally become an upper class man. Congrats, you’re officially not lame. Its time to start thinking about college and what you may want to do when you get there. Where do I want to visit? What could my possible major be? Do I even want to go to college? These are all questions that junior year has you thinking about. Junior year gives you the opportunity to begin taking some college courses. These give you college credits which is stinking awesome because that’s a few less classes you have to take in college. HOLLA!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.. SENIOR RAH SENIOR RAH, RAH RAH SENIORS! You did it, you are finally at the top of the food chain! As I myself enter my senior year this year, I will discover what it is to be a senior. Senior year is all about making those final decisions as to where you want to go to college and what you’d like to study. Senior year (so I’ve heard) can be a bit overwhelming at times because your future is super important. And I mean who doesn’t want to be successful? I don’t think I’ve ever woke up in the morning and thought to myself “Ehh, I’ll just be a homeless person. Who needs an education?”. NO NO NO. If you have had that thought, stop it! Enjoy your last year as a teenager, because once you turn 18 and you go off to college, you begin an entirely new chapter in your life. You begin YOUR life, as an adult. It’s scary to think about sometimes, but also SO EXCITING!

I hope you enjoyed reading my second blog! I also hope it wasn’t entirely too cheesy, if it was, then my sincerest apologies. Keep on keeping on humans! 🙂


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